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Horse Race Track

Horse Race Track


In the center of the project shall be a state-of-the-art racing facility as well as modern equine breeding and training facilities. In total, the horse racing will cover an area of 317,531.90 m2 with a total build-up area of 8,894.50 m2.


The horse racing facility shall feature a 16,000 m2 outdoor audience terrace, a 1,100 m2 Grandstand, a 2,400 m2 VIP Grandstand (consisting of 15 quarters) and restaurant area as well as a 2,300 m2 horse presentation area. The horse racing facility in addition to VIP facilities will have a total seating capacity for 20,000 visitors. As for the race tracks, they will consist of a 67,486 m2 sand race track and a 37,149 m2 grass race track.


It is estimated that the horse racing facility will have capacity for 20,000 visitors per racing event. As a whole, 40 weeks of racing event will be held at the premises annually and the total number of racing events per week will be limited to two days.


With respect to wagering, the horse racing facility will offer all modern on-track betting system in accordance with local rules and regulations. Aside from on-track bettors a large number of off-track bettors will also take part in the horse racing events held at the premises by means of different media as well as other applicable systems used in the field.

With respect to wagering, the Project shall ensure that security and privacy of on track and off-track bettors. For this reason, all the necessary security standards shall be put in place, particularly with respect to online wagering security. In doing so all transactions will take place over an encrypted server, and all personal information is kept private.

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