Iran Toseeh Corporation

Golf Course

Golf Course

The Project shall feature an 18-hole golf course having the highest quality greens and

sculptured fairways covering an area of 520,837.00 m2. The course shall offer

different levels of challenge to satisfy the avid golfer, whilst providing an enjoyable

game for beginners. The number of annual members will be in year one of operation

1,000 which will increase to 3,000 by year five of operation. That said the golf course

shall also accommodate 5,000 non-member golfers on an annual basis. In addition, a

fully stocked on-course pro shop shall be available at the course in order to offer a

range of clubs, bags, clothing and other accessories for all golfers. Finally, the buildup

area allocated for the golf course consisting of club house and indoor driving range

shall be designed in such a manner that it will not obstruct the view of spectators

during horse racing events.

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