Iran Toseeh Corporation

Project Outlook

By implementing this unique project, it is expected that in phases 1 and 2 of the project 5 million and 12 million day visitors respectively will visit the Entertainment Complex on an annual basis. In addition, in phase 1 of the project, the various residential facilities of the Entertainment Complex will accommodate up to 300,000 guests, annually, whereas this figure will increase to 7,400,000 once phase 2 of the project has been completed.

Considering the fact that the execution of this Project will lead to the establishment of luxurious facilities and complexes based on the latest international standards and technology, this Project is expected to be instrumental in generating considerable hard currency thus reduce the outflow of capital from the country’s tourism sector. In addition, it is estimated that by year five of operation up to 38,124 people will be directly employed by the Entertainment City while many more jobs will be indirectly created in the surrounding areas and nationwide as a result of the Project.

Lastly, contrary to many other related development projects in Iran, the present Project has been designed based on advanced ecological criteria with regards to its integration into the landscape and construction materials utilized. Both in the establishment and operation phases, preservation of the natural environment will have the highest status.

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