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Iran Toseeh Corporation (Private Joint Stock)

Iran Toseeh Corporation (private joint stock) was registered in 1989 under the license number 75275, in the Companies Registration Office in Tehran. The company's registered capital is currently 14,800,000,000,000 Rials.

The activities of the company are focused on various aspects such as research, production, commercial, sports, ranching, horse breeding and training as well as establishing tourism, entertainment and sports zones. 


Among the research projects of the company, is to study the possibility of making the rural automobiles capable of using two kinds of fuels during 1989 and 1991. The research results were made available to the relative parties. Additionally, in the area of energy, the advanced technology project for implementation of microorganisms in improving the recycle of heavy oil was in hand during 2003 and 2005. The research results were then made available to the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry.


In the field of production, the company's activities are generally concentrated on producing various kinds of leather, manufacturing, ranching, pollution and producing home appliances.


 In the field of business, the concentration has been mainly on export. Exporting half- and whole-built leather products and ranching pollutions have been noteworthy.


 In the field of sports, for many consecutive years, the horse show jumping and race teams of the company, with the use of purebred warm blood horses and national and international trainers, have played a crucial role in qualitative development of the horse competitions in the country. The teams have also recorded many wins in national and international competitions.

The company has also established quarantine units (before exit and after entrance) at the Iran Toseeh complex of international equestrian racecourses and beside the International Payam Airport. This has been a giant step toward setting the stage for partnership of Iranian equestrian teams in international competitions. Meanwhile, the beach soccer and water polo teams of the company have gained impressive champion positions in national and Asian levels.

Aside from the above activities, the company enjoys an agricultural complex with an area that exceeds 1,600 acres in the Bouin Zahra region in the Ghazvin province. It has the capacity of maintaining a herd of 1,000 horses, and facilities to keep caws and sheep. The land has seven wells with a high capacity of plantation of various products such as: wheat, barley, hay, corn and soya. The land has also the capacity of including a pistachio farm and melon plantation that satisfies the nutritional needs of its own and Iran Toseeh’s horses and ranches. The agricultural complex has also a high potential in supplying its products to national and international markets.

Breeding warm blood horses including show jumping, race, and dressage horses are among the ranching activities of the company. The company recognizes the importance and outlook of future partnership of Iranian teams in international competitions and initiates breading purebred international horses with birth certificates. The company now has more than one 150 warm blood horses and employs experienced national and international trainers and is ready for active participation in regional and international race courses. Iran’s participation in world race courses is a prerequisite of the development of the horse industry in Iran. The company understands this necessity and employs all its strength to accomplish this goal.

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